Ultrasonic Cleaning


What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

During the process of ultrasonic cleaning, compression waves are sent through a water and cleaning solution “bath” to create millions of microscopic bubbles.  These bubbles penetrate contaminates and implode to create small vacuums that pull them off of any surface placed in the bath. In our cleaning solution contaminates such as dirt, pollen, grease, smoke, soot, nicotine, allergens and bad odors, are easily removed. 

How We Use This. 

Our mobile on-site cleaning machine allows us take your whole blind assembly and put it in our ultrasonic ‘bath’.  The benefits of this are that every part of your window blinds gets cleaned, from the vanes, pull cord, connecting strings, head unit and everything in between gets conditioned.  This helps in not only making your blinds look like new but also makes them work like new and increases their life. In addition to using state-of-the-art technology to improve your blinds we also use eco-friendly solutions so not only is it safe for the environment it also makes sure no one, not even the house-hold pets, can be harmed.

What We Clean

Our versatile cleaning unit allows us to clean mini-blinds, Venetian blinds, horizonal and vertical blinds, honeycomb and pleated shades, as well as most any other window blind in the industry made from plastic, metal, faux wood, fabric and more.


Let's compare...If you clean your blinds versus Tulsa Blind Cleaning
Self Cleaning
Tulsa Blind Cleaning
Hand Wiping Uncomfortable, some dust cleaned, some dust spread around. All dust gently removed!
Dust, Dirt, Pollen, Grease & Nicotine A portion is cleaned but most is smeared around causing discoloring and oxidation All contaminates are gently removed - no discoloring or oxidation.
Painted Finish Conventional cleaning with harsh chemicals damages the finish causing oxidations. Paint's natural luster is restored, preventing oxidation.
Moving Parts & Life Often left unclean. Decreases life of the blind. All moving parts are cleaned, extending the life of your blinds.
Convenience Inconvenient, therefore easy to postpone. Very convenient! Take-down and re-hang service included.
Cleaning Time Hours of tedious work Fast, on-site service